Two years ago I was unemployed and wanted to write about games to cheer me up from the depressing reality that being unemployed can be. That went pretty well for a few months, until I wrote the dreaded words that signals a blog's demise: Will update.

No two words have signaled a site's death more times that the good-intentioned, but ultimately false, promise to update. Which I knew at the time, but wrote anyways, because what else do you say? I wasn't honestly sure what I wanted to do with the site, and spent the next month writing an awful novel for NaNoWriMo (which was fun, despite being, you know, awful), and then got a job after that. And so a new period began.

Which has now ended.

I still don't know for sure what I want to do with this site, but I'd like to do something. I certainly don't intend to use it to talk about the events of the last year. But I don't just want to go back to waxing poetically on why Zelda II is such an under-appreciated gem. That's fun and all, but who cares? There's hundreds of forums overflowing with posts of varying-level of intelligence on such topics. I might think I have a unique perspective, but I also might be a maniacal egotist. So there's a lot of gray area, I guess.

In any event, consider this a teaser of sorts: changes are coming! Things are underway! Really! I just have no idea what they are. Possible topics include: talking about process of going back to school full-time for another bachelor's at the same time your sister 9 years your junior is also entering college, discussing my ongoing project to sell and/or give away something every day during the work week, or maybe, despite my best intentions, just more waxing poetically on such pressing, hard-hitting topics in line with the hottest issues in today's world like why game reviews are dumb.

So, in summary... for better or (more likely) worst: Will update.

Posted by Kevin on 2:28 PM