This is the sort of thing you wish you could do as an adult, but can't because you're afraid of getting arrested. And then you'd have to spend the rest of your life explaining to potential employers why you terrorized a grocery store in a Pac-Man costume. Which is a difficult position to recover from in an interview.

But man, if only youtube had really been out there when I was in high school. We even had a Film Club for Christ's sake! We could have done an assortment of wonderfully terrible things with no repurcussions. Instead? We tried to make some sort of awful fantasy film that still haunts me at night.

On a side note, this video kind of reminds me of this bonus game I have for the Gamecube called Pac-Man Vs. It was one of those games where you had to have Game Boy Advances hooked up to the system (which was a bit of a cost impediment) but the idea was cool. Basically, the game was multiplayer Pac-Man, with three players controlling Ghosts and one player controlling Pac-Man. If you ate Pac-Man, you became him, and thus the goal was to score the most points while having to rotate between working as a team to working competitively.

I think we played it a total of one time ever.

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