Ever wonder how much American TV gets released internationally? Answer: A ton. But that shouldn't mean it's entierly intact. Sometimes changes are necessary for cultural reasons. Or something.

Example #1: German Teenage Mutant... Hero... Turtles

Apparently Ninjas are evil in Deutschland? Maybe? Either way, they're Hero turtles overseas. I'd probably find this more offensive if that German intro wasn't totally awesome.

Example #2: X-Men Gone Anime

I always liked the regular X-Men intro and theme, but I guess it was too American for a Japanese audience, so they just ripped off every anime convention possible and threw this together. Stereotypes aside, I kinda like it, I have to admit.

Example #3: This is Where Things Go Wrong

Yes this is real. No, it does not make sense. Yes, it is a crime against mankind.

Example #4: Some Things Need No Change

It's comforting to know that, no matter where it airs, The Super Mario Super Show is still absolutely insane.


Colure said...

OMG... that 3rd clip... it's like "GO GO POWER RANGER... ERRR... TURTLES!!" ;P hehehe... Seriously. It's like Ninja Turtles gone Power Ranger. RIDICULOUS.

I did greatly enjoy that Super Mario Show clip though. Hilarious :D

Lauren said...

Samir has a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles mug from his childhood. I thought it was a fake, knockoff and mocked him for it. Little did I know that over there they really are Hero Turtles.

Don't worry, while in London I made fun of quite a few people about that.

Kevin said...

Hero Turtles are pretty ridiculous. I don't get what Europeans have against Ninjas. It's not like they ever fought any wars with Ninjas. Don't get it.

But yeah, the Japanese power range-esque turtles are even worse.

Super Mario Super Show is always a guaranteed laugh

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