Tonight's iteration of 1 vs 100, Microsoft's unique take of an online gameshow, is hosted by the crew of Penny Arcade. Which should be fun. But there's no topping last week's 1 vs 100 experience for me.

As an idea, I think 1 vs 100 is great. There's a basic fun to gameshows, and people have been yelling out the answers to Jeporady! for years. 1 vs 100 gives you a chance to participate in a way that's a bit more meaningful, even if you are just a glorified audience member. Nevertheless, it's a blast, and a fun one to pull out when having a few friends over.

I suppose another appeal is that YOU could be IN the SHOOOOOOOOOOW but to be honest I never put a whole lot of stock into that. Wasn't what made the game fun.

Imagine my surprise when I got thrown into the Mob (the 100 against the 1) last week after playing a few matches. Things got real, fast.

As much fun as playing the game casually is, it gets intense when suddenly you're up for prizes. Compared to typical game shows, the prizes really aren't much of anything, but the idea that you could win something is actually quite exciting.

Granted, I didn't actually win anything. Unfortunetly for me, the 1 that my 100 was up against wasn't all that great, and was using a lot of lifelines early on to get through some fairly easy questions. When he had a chance to take the money and run, he did... even though it was only 800 points (10 bucks :P)

So yeah, had a taste of the agony of gameshow defeat. Kind of felt like the guy who bid 1 dollar on the Price is Right only to get screwed by another contestant who bid 2 dollars instead. But it was still fun and made me enjoy 1 vs 100 all the more, which is probably the point. It's something very unique and fun, and these days those are the two things that I want to experience most when I pick up a game.

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Colure said...

Well said! I'm excited to play tonight :D

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