So it's Sunday, and if Friday is all about partyingpartyingyeah, Sunday is all about confessing, which probably isn't catchy enough to be the next Rebecca Black hit. But maybe it's just enough for decent blog fodder!

So, Sunday Confessional: I would like to own every Virtual Boy game ever made. I'm a big collector at heart, and one of these days I'll have a solid collection of every legit system ever made, and I'll be content with that. I'm never going to try to get all 767 NES games because I don't really to. But all 22 Virtual Boy titles? Sign me up.

Sue me, I love the thing. It's not just a bad system! It's a colossally bad system! It's an incredible, beautifully awful idea. And I really get a kick out of using it. You'll never encounter another experience quite like it! I don't even know where to throw it on a console checklist - it doesn't fit any categories! Really, what's not to like? Except everything about it? Right? I thought so.

I'm at eight. Probably the eight cheapest as well. I'm not saying this is going to happen tomorrow. I'm not even saying it's a lifetime goal. I'm just saying... I think it'd be cool if I had all of them. That's all.

Whew. I feel better now. Truly this is what confessionals are all about! Maybe next week I'll be ready to delve into something more serious. Like enjoying Zelda II.

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