Friday was pretty much a slam dunk, so I definitely woke up with a spring in my step today, excited for what Saturday would bring. Since Expo Hall was a little low yesterday (although already higher then last year's total, frankly) I came determined to preview more games, starting with my personal favorite, Mass Effect 2. While I might be a bit biased towards all things Mass Effect, there's no doubt in my mind that right now Bioware is crafting their own Empire Strikes Back in the second part of this video game trilogy. And I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Other games played today included horse-bucking Darksiders (surprisingly fun, really debated preordering it for free shirt), LEGO Rock Band (Rock Band with LEGOs, not much more to say), and then later in the day Beatles Rock Band (just for fun, since it comes out in like, 3 days) and Star Trek Online. Which, uh, was something special. I've waited a long time to play a game that actually really captured the Star Trek experience, and while this is certainly still early into the process (game won't be out until next year), I think they nailed it. Hell, extended quests are called "episodes" and designed to last around 45-60. There's a lot of love put into this, and I think it'll make a great product.

Panels were at a low today. We missed Old Republic demo because the Make a Strip went long and had quite a few complications. Not that I really minded, truth be told. It was still entertaining from start to finish, with only a minimum of bad/weird questions (the worst being an actual stalker detailing some of her missed attempts at stalking. Ugh.) I gotta say that the make-a-strip is the one thing I feel like I must do every year, and issues aside, I definitely walked away feeling the same way this year.

Had a couple other interesting events occur today, but not sure how much I want to blab about them. What I can say is that the show's been excellent, and that while I'm excited for tomorrow, I'm also incredibly depressed that this show is coming to an end. I really love PAX, and even though it's a huge cross-country trip for me, it's completely worth it.

At this point? I'm not sure that I can stop going.

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