Way too tired for short sunday write up. Also, uh, not much to write up. it was pretty much line-event-line-event-line-event-end-depression. but that doesn't mean it wasn't awesome because it was totally awesome. I'd go so far to say it was a bonafide ride on the U.S.S. Awesome!1. And you know who the captain of that ship is.

In short: Old Republic looks incredible, wil wheaton is awesome, and I've never yelled so hard about a match of skeeball in my entire life. These are the things only PAX can provide and now that it's gone I'm definitely feeling the loss.

PAX is over and I am sad. I will enjoy the next couple days of seattle immensely and then I will return to overtly-warm climate and eastern time zones and be a little depressed for a week. I'll talk to you then and maybe do a decent write up, sometime while I'm knee-deep in youtube videos of PAX events I missed and trying to find a way to time travel back a week.

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Ok for serious let's move to Seattle ;)

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